10 Essentials Things To Plan For Your Social Media Campaign

Starting off a social media campaign for the first can be a very daunting task indeed. There is a whole lot of thought and effort that goes in to making and executing a successful campaign. But what exactly is a social media campaign you ask? By definition, it is a collaborative marketing effort used for assisting or reinforcing a business aim through the use of one or more social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Campaigns can differ in strategies methods of approach due to the nature of services or products offer but their aim is the same – to increase focus, target new audiences and increase the use of said service or product.

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While there is a lot to plan and implement, here are 10 things you need in order to get a social media campaign together.

First of all, you need to sit down and clearly outline a unique social media strategy that fits your needs.

  1. Make use of most if not all social media platforms – there are several social media platforms that are widely used today. Some are better for B2B companies while others are preferable for B2C type companies. But using Facebook along with Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ are accepted choices for B2B companies while Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest are for B2C companies.

Twitter and Facebook take a rather casual and informal approach while LinkedIn is a place where it is better to be a little more professional. Twitter along with Instagram feature the hashtag option, that is where you need to create hashtags specific to your service and make sure people share with the appropriate hashtags. This way you’re outreach will be greater and it will be easier for people to search with a hashtag.

This is just a single step, but if well thought out and executed, it could mean a world of difference to your social media campaign, so plan wisely.

  • Consistency is key – when dealing with multiple social media platforms, you need to make sure that the content you are posting is consistent throughout. You can not advertise for one service one platform and another one through a different platform. The text, images, clips, hashtags and everything else has to be the same, however it can be altered to meet the character limits for platforms like Twitter.
  • Compelling content is king – in order to reach out to even more potential customers, you need to bring you’re A game when it comes to content. Make sure to brainstorm and draw up some exciting marketing plans and whip up interesting articles related to your niche. A standard article or blog should have some sort of audience engagement element to it, where the audience gets to chip in a cent of their own.

Another general rule of thumb when coming to developing posts it the 1/3 rule. Out of all your postings, 1/3 should be brand posts, 1/3 share posts and 1/3 sell posts.

A brand post usually includes content to engage and entice audience, it can be motivational quotes people can relate to and have a call to action element to it. A share post is usually an article or a blog with the intention of basically increasing traffic to your website. These help you develop trust with your target audience, which is the ultimate goal for any successful social media campaign. A sell post is a post designed just for selling your product or service, it normally includes an image with links directing to your website or telling the audience to book their appointment or get in touch with you.

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  • Feast for the eyes – according to statistics, 90% of internet users will click on something only if the image is interesting to them. A high quality image comes through as a well established and well worth it brand. So to come off as a high end service or product provider, its safe to invest heavily in a good photographer or graphic designer according to your business type. Here are some things to consider for better photography if you plan on doing it yourself:
  • Play and learn with your camera for optimal settings
  • A single point of interest does well for a photo
  • Use a nice background, a simple one that does not draw attention away for the product
  • Strong contrasts and good color schemes always grab attention
  • Make best use of daylight, natural light yields best results
  • White space is your best friend, it can later be used for editing or adding text on photos
  • Worship thy hashtag – hashtags are a modern day wonder in the world of computing. They allow people to find your social media handles across platforms such as Twitter and Instagram, help increase growth and thus business too. In a study conducted, it was discovered that posts with at least one hashtag receive about 12.6% more engagement than posts without hashtags!

However, too much of any good thing is bad, so instead of using up the limit of 30 hashtags and overcrowding your text or image, an ideal amount of hashtags to use is 5 to 15 max.

( image idea: screenshot a hashtag list from Instagram )

  • Be a generous host – make sure to plan and execute lots of promotions, contests and giveaways. This is the perfect way to show your customers you care and reward them for their loyalty and also increase followers as people might just sign up and follow you for a chance to win! This is the fastest way to increase followers and post engagement. Some rules for the format of such posts include:
  • Content that urges audience to follow and like your page throughout different social media platforms
  • Ask them to like and share in order to qualify for the competition
  • Ask them to tag a certain amount of friends in order to qualify

The last step will boost engagement and allow for an opportunity to friends of your customers to join your fan following.

  • The audience is boss – your audience and clients are the reason you exist, make sure to nurture a strong relationship and a sense of belonging with them. Credibility and trust is everything, by using the techniques above you can ensure an early development of trust and loyalty. This will enable you to develop and execute a social media campaign that is meant for success, and will benefit you with more customers in the long term.
  • Plan audience engagements from time to time – this will need constant social media surveillance at your end. You need to interact back with them, be it a comment from a follower asking about your product or service, or even a direct message from a loyal returning customer. You will need to be chatty and chat them up and be interested in what they have to say about you.

It is also a good idea to hire a social media expert to look after your social media handles and be ready for correspondence all the time.

  • Value your audience some more – how can you do that after all the contests and giveaways you have already planned? Well, the average user is looking for more, they need motivations and stimulation, information and entertainment in their life.

So take out some time to plan and come up with writing blogs or articles that come off as inspiring, motivating and entertaining for your audience. Make sure you satisfy your audience, and hence develop a long term relationship with them.

  1. Sharing is caring – when your customers send you honest reviews about your products or services and let you know how it helped and benefitted from them, it is always a good idea to share it with other followers! Just make sure to the original sender for maximum engagement.

Another way to engage with customers is to ask them to pose for a photo with your product and let you know how it changed their life. An added incentive would be to feature them on your blog or website.

All in all, these are the 10 most essential things you need to have figured out and executed properly for a social media campaign to be called successful. All of this information might seem overwhelming at first, but it is always best to take care of one step at a time.

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